Person driven machine that consists of an automobile with robotic appendages.

Name: Arana

Type: Crawler

Origin: Los Angeles, California

The originator of the United Front built this Ratbot. It is fitted with two Gatling Guns and a flame thrower. Highly maneuverable and has jump capability


Name: Battle Axe

Type: Upright

Origin: Los Angeles, California

Very powerful and effective in grappling and fighting. It got his name from carrying a large axe as a weapon of choice. Eventually fitted with a Gatling Gun on the hood.

Battle Axe

Name: Boss Hogg’n

Type: 4 Legged

Origin: Tennessee, Knoxville

A bulldog of a bot, this Ratbot is by far the most aggressive in an armory. Often the first to arrive to a battle scene to mow down the enemy.

Boss Hogg'n

Name: Carface

Type: Upright

Origin: Florida, Miami

Handy with a pistol designed for a Ratbot. This Ratbot is very nimble and deadly. With lightweight protective armor, the driver avoids hand to hand combat.


Name: Gouger

Type: Upright

Origin: Unknown

Not much is known about this Ratbot. How did it get its name? Don’t ask! Let’s just say, in hand to hand combat, we tend to look away. Too gruesome!!!


Name: Lil Orphan Antics

Type: Upright

Origin: New York, Bronx

Heavy in the weapon department and a fighter. This all in one Ratbot wears a colorful exterior as a warning to the enemy.

Lil Orphan Antics

Name: Retainer

Type: 4 Legged

Origin: Arizona, Tucson

This unique Ratbot does what it’s called. It’s fitted with 4 large harpoons. It slows a large enemy creature from advancing.