Richard Luna

Richard Luna

Conceptual Designer and Digital Artist


  • Worked in oil, acrylic, and watercolors.
  • Sculpturing with clay, multiple types of materials.
  • Digital artwork on multiple platforms.
  • Muralist experience.

The Story

The Ratbot concept started out with a couple of drawings which included the combination of robotics and my love of vehicles of all makes and models. Soon sculptures were being developed from RC car shells, foam boards, balsa wood, PVC, model pieces and broken toy pieces.

After building a few Ratbots, a story began to manifest. The name United Front seemed to be a good fit for the story.

Since this takes place around the world with an infinite amount of scenarios, the story can evolve in multiple directions. Stories of heroism and courage as well as loss and defeat.

United Front story is currently evolving.

Stay tuned.


Richard Luna